Top questions about Chatango:

What is Chatango?
Chatango lets you do two main things:

1. You can create your own chat room, a Chatango group for your web page or blog. This is a public chat, and recent messages stay in the group history. As a group owner, you can block people from your group, delete messages from it, ban words, and make group moderators.
A Chatango group chat in a web site

2. You can search Chatango for users near you, who are online and who have similar interests. When you log in, you can scroll the list of people's profiles, or you can use search to make new friends and chat with them in real time.


Is it free?
Yes! And we won't sell your email address to spammers either, or anything nasty like that.


How do I put a Chatango Group chat into my page?
First, you need to make a group, and automatically add it to your MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Blogger, MyYearBook page (and many other social networks) or manually paste the group HTML code into your web page.

Change the Color and Size of Your Group

If you need to get HTML code again to put your group on another web page, click on Chatango logo at the bottom of your group, and choose Get Code for this Group from the menu and then Customize colors and size.


How do I moderate my group?
As a group owner, you can delete messages by clicking on the delete button , and block people by clicking on the ban user button . If you do not see these buttons, click on Manage link at the bottom of your group.

Ban user button

Ban a user from chatting in your group - you can unban them using Settings > Unban users

Delete button

Delete this message, or all messages by this user.

Logged in

You must be logged in as the owner or a moderator to see these features.

Add Moderators

Moderators can ban users and delete messages. We suggest that you make at least one moderator for every 10 people on now. To make new moderators you must be logged in as the owner and click Settings > Add/remove moderators.

Easy ban

If you are moderating a large group the easy ban mode allows you to ban a user and delete all their messages with one click. To turn on easy ban you must be the owner or a moderator, click Settings > Turn On Easyban.


How do I ban words in my Chatango Group?
Group owners can ban certain words from a chat. To set the banned words you must be logged in as the group owner and click Settings > Banned Words. Then enter banned words (4 letters or more) separated by commas in the box. E.g. bastard,butt,fart,is a jerk,poop
  • To ban a three letter word add a space to the end.
  • To ban 'ass' with out banning 'pass', put spaces on both sides, ' ass '.
  • To ban links add www.,http:,.com


How do I block and unblock people in private chat?
When you receive a message, you can block the sender in private chat by clicking the Block link above the text input box:

If you do not see the block link, make sure the user is not in your friend's list: the block link does not show for friends.

If you block someone who has a Chatango screen name, you can unblock them later by clicking on the Account link in the top right corner of your private messaging window, choose Block list, and finding this person in the list of people you have blocked.

There are two ways to block "anon"s, or people who message you through your Chatango mini box without signing up for Chatango: you can block an individual "anon", or you can block all "anon"s (Account > Settings > and uncheck Allow anons to message me).
If you block all anons, all people will be asked to log in before they can private message you.

You can also report spam or inappropriate messages to Chatango. Click on the Report Abuse link.


How do I put Chatango Mini box into my web pages?
Log in to Chatango and click on "Chatango Mini" to the HTML code. You will need to cut and paste that HTML code into your web page.

If I close the Chatango browser window, will people be able to reach me then?

Message Catcher

When you close this Chatango window, you will appear offline unless you download Message Catcher. It places a little icon in your Windows system tray, which notifies you when you get a new message. When you get a message, a little alert pops up, which you can click on and start chatting immediately. It looks like this:
Message Catcher is currently only for Windows (Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME/98/95), it has no spyware of any kind, and it's only a 165 KB download. You can download it from here.
At some point, we will make a Mac version too.

To switch between being online and offline, right-click on your Message Catcher and choose Go Online or Go Offline from the menu.

What if I do not want to be contacted by strangers?
Log in to Chatango and click Account > Settings.
  1. Show my profile in Meet People - this option controls whether your profile is shown in the Meet People tab. When it is not checked, your profile does not show up in the search results and it is not visible under Meet People.
  2. Allow anons to message me - when this option is unchecked only logged in Chatango users will be able to message you.

How do I report inappropriate profiles in Meet People?
Rollover the inappropriate profile and click the report flag ( ):


How do I manage my private chat history?
Your private chat history is stored locally on the device on which the messages were sent and received.
Currently your chat history is not saved on Chatango's servers.

To manage your private chat history click Account > Settings:

You can turn off the local saving of your conversations by unchecking Save Conversations. Your conversations may still be saved by the other person you are chatting with.

You can delete your local chat history by clicking the Delete saved chats now link.

You can see a list of your recent chats by clicking Account > Recent chats


How do I create a profile?
Log in to Chatango and click on the Edit Profile button.

If you add your ZIP code, you will be able to see the distance of other people from you in miles, and you will also be able to search for people within a specified mile radius or within your country if your are not from the US.

You can change your profile pictures during a conversation: whenever you change your profile picture, all your conversation parties are instantly updated!

How can I change my private message sound?
You can customize your private message sounds by clicking Account > Settings > Change message sound.

Click the grey dots to create your own message sound.

There is a volume control in the top left:


How do I turn off the colored backgrounds and text in my private chat?
You can turn of the colored backgrounds and text in all messages.
Click the black and white color bars icon () in the style bar:

You can turn off the colored backgrounds and text in your friends list by choosing Plain from the View dropdown at the top of your friends list:


How do I get a Chatango contact link?
Sign up for Chatango, and pick a screen name. Your contact link will look like this: - when people go to it, a chat window to you opens.

How do I add people to my friends list?
Simply put their screen name into Add a friend box under the Friends tab. This will add them to your friends list, and also open a conversation to them

How does Chatango work in my email signature?
You can put your Chatango contact link into your email signature. People can click on it and chat to you without having to download any software, when they open an email from you.

When you sign up for Chatango private chat, there is an option to automatically add your contact link to your signature if your email is Yahoo or Hotmail.

To remove your contact link from your signature: On Hotmail, sign in to your Hotmail account, click on Options > More Options > Personal email signature, delete the link from your signature and press 'Save'. On Yahoo, sign in to Yahoo Mail, click on Options > Mail Options > Signature, delete the link from your signature and press 'Save Changes'.

What if I forgot my password?
Go to - a new password will be emailed to you, and you will be asked to change it the first time you log in with it.

What if I want to change or delete Chatango from my web page?
Simply change or delete the Chatango code that you pasted into your web page and save. You can always make a new Chatango Mini box for your web page - log in to Chatango and click on "Get Code" on the top.

If you want to uninstall Message Catcher, go to Programs -> Chatango -> Uninstall.


How do I delete my Chatango account?
Log in to the account that you want deleted and send us a request through the form on saying that you want to delete that account (include the name of the account).


Which languages does Chatango support?
You can chat in Chatango in any language. Some typefaces are limited if a group chat is embedded with a transparent background for technical reasons, however you should be able to use all typefaces in the full size chat - click the link at the top of the group chat.

Chatango is in the process of translating the user interface as we release new versions of our chats. Currently the private chat supports several languages. You can change you default language setting in your private chat by clicking Account > Settings and choosing your language.

If you would like to help us with translation - please Contact Us.